Laiki Lefkothea Residence In Cyprus

7 March 2016

Among creative houses created by award winning urban design specialists, the Laiki Lefkothea Residence in Cyprus project stands out. It is a residential building that has original and contemporary design elements. The project was designed by Tsikkinis Architecture Studio. Based in Cyprus, the studio designed the building with a bold façade.

Based on a countryside landscape, the family home stands out due to its contemporary and geometric design. Materials like stone and wood have been used in the construction. The design of the home is such that a calm and pleasant living environment is created. The design of the home is a distinct example of function embracing form where many elements of design from external appearance draw attention. The building has a shell like appearance that protects the exteriors while steel elements are used inside to create visibility from outside. The use of geometric effects also leads to distinct design aspects which makes the building unique. The Laiki Lefkothea residence in Cyprus has drawn a lot of attention and is one of the modern, contemporary home designs that can be easily replicated with the use of prefabricated materials, reducing the overall cost and time of construction but helping the designers to maintain a unique design element in the structures at the same time.











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