Interior Decoration
Interior decoration service includes the space design, the search for appropriate materials as well as the onsite supervision during construction. Based on “clean” design concept ideas, the use of new materials and color’s we aim to rejuvenate the space and add character as well as functionality.

Interior Design Office can take over partial or full renovations of domestic or commercial spaces. Since the early stages of concept idea and up to the final decoration touches we will work together giving you advice and supervision of the works in order to create the space that you have imagined. Our aim is to present “smart” solutions but simultaneously offer good space circulation, functionality and autonomy.

New Constructions

Our office in collaboration with our business partners (Civil and Mechanical Engineers) can be involved in any type of new construction from the beginning until the completion. In our constructions we include houses, hotels, offices, stores, restaurants, cafes and many more.

The spaces that we create can be characterized as high quality with infinite aesthetics but with respect to human working and living environment.

Interior Design procedure is carried out in the following order, Concept study – Structural Drawings – Construction-Supervision

Concept Study

 This procedure includes the market search on available materials, design ideas as well as all the structural particularities of the project. When this phase is completed we proceed to the drawing board for the first designs in order to have the first ideas on paper. It is very important in this phase to clarify the requirements of the client so that we can find the optimum solution in every problem.

Structural Drawings

 It includes all the space and object analysis in order to proceed with the final construction drawings. Space planning, electrical, plumbing, ceiling, lighting plans are all part of the construction drawings package. When the 2D drawings are complete the final 3D photorealistic model is created which will give us a more realistic approach of the project.


 Supervision is part of the construction process and it includes all the site visits in order to provide guidance to the construction team. It is important to constantly inspect the works in order to achieve the time schedule we have estimated. From the beginning of the construction until the end we keep in mind the budget as well as the time need to complete the project.

Design and Construction Process


  • Initial Visit
  • Primary Concept Study
  • Final Concept Study
  • Construction Drawings
  • Estimates- Time schedule
  • 3D Photorealistic Model
  • Construction

We visit the space and collect all the data we need in order to start our concept study. A brief discussion take place and all the client requirements are taken into consideration.

The first architectural idea is presented after some basic search on materials and design experimentation. Also a first estimate of the costs and construction time schedule is also presented.

After discussions with the client on the first concept study we conclude to a final proposal and we are ready to proceed with the construction drawings.

At this phase all the required construction drawings for the project are created. The whole design package will be the basic guide for the construction team.

The final drawings will lead us to a more precise estimate of the project’s costs as well as determine the exact time schedule for each member of the construction team.

Interior Design office provides the design service of 3D Photorealism. The project can be re designed in three dimension based on the final drawings and the materials that have been selected. A 3D model gives us more accurate information on the geometry, lighting and the colour behavior of the environment we have created.

The final stage of a project is the construction. Our design team coordinates and give guidance to the construction team at all times in order to keep the time schedules that have been estimated.

We provide design and construction solutions to problematic environments and we create spaces with individuality, aesthetics and functionality.


Hardworking, Consistent, Collaborative, Three ingredients fulfilled our dream. We are very satisfied with the work at all levels. Our customers consider us Shop jewel for the area.

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Christos envisioned and perfectly realized the renovation of our space. Our stores managed to become unrecognizable in a few days thanks to the industriousness consistency and inspiration. We were very lucky to be found on our way.
Thank you for everything!!!

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