Who we are

Our design philosophy is based on the demands of the era, the client’s requirements in order to create spaces in balance between functionality and aesthetics.

A few reasons to choose Interior Design Office

• We design and create spaces based on the client’s demands.

• Prior to final design several concept ideas are presented in order to conclude to a final solution.

• Our studies are based on principles like flexibility, functionality and aesthetics.

•  We provide a full design package before the stage of construction. This can save us time, money and possible structural errors.

• Our structures are based on the good knowledge on materials, techniques and the right construction team.


Christos Fotos was born in Munich (Germany) and finished his basic education in Ioannina (Greece). He continued his studies at the department of Interior Design at the University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom) and on 2004 was awarded with a Master’s Degree in Digital Architecture at the University of Newcastle (United Kingdom). He was employed from a construction company (GLE Estates-Design Services Unit) for the period 2003-2005 and on early 2006 he returned to Ioannina to create the “Interior Design” office.
Our area of expertise is to design and construct interior spaces for domestic or commercial use. It is worth to be mentioned that since 2005 we are an active member of EDIBE (Interior Designers Union of Northern Greece).

Christos Fotos
Interior Designer
ΒΑ (Hons) Interior Design Huddersfield
MSc in Digital Architecture Newcastle

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