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4 Ιουλίου 2016

Inspired by the Japanese style of living by using small space and converting a large apartment into micro apartments, this trend is catching up in the urban market. The philosophy behind this kind of apartment style is to make economical use of space. While you will find kitchen hidden in the cabinet and the bed, disappearing on the ceiling, there are many interesting ways the space is utilized in these kinds of apartments. They are ideal in places where there is a space constraint.

You can live luxuriously using this kind of a design even in a small space. The space of these kind of convertible apartment is manipulated in such a way that it makes even a small place look like a luxurious palace. All the modern amenities are fit and as many convertible options as possible are used, to design the furniture and other amenities in this living space. Yo! Home is one company that is specialized in making convertible apartments. You can get swish interiors and all the modern equipments in this kind of a design and floor plan. You can convert your bungalow into a castle with their design plans. Use of space is planned in a way where you can hide furniture and equipments into the walls and closets and create more space in each room.








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